Celebrate life with Nashville’s secular congregation at our monthly assembly and potluck*!

Please note the new time and location!

Join Sunday Assembly Nashville on May 14 at East Park Community Center “In Praise of Praise” – not the religious kind but the power and benefits of people giving and receiving praise. Our speaker will be Dr. Cierra Schoonover, professor of psychology at Middle Tennessee State University with focus on parenting, child welfare, and adverse childhood experiences. Dr. Schoonover will talk about the power of praise to boost a child’s self-esteem and to manage difficult child behaviors. Assembly will be at 5:00 p.m. with a potluck afterward. This month’s potluck theme is “my mama’s favorite.” Bring something your mom loved to eat or make to share with your fellow assemblers.

Sunday Assembly Nashville is a secular congregation that celebrates life! Join us for our monthly Assembly with a great live band, a TED Talk-like guest speaker, and a member sharing a story from their life. We don’t do “supernatural” but won’t tell you wrong if you do. We welcome all who welcome all! Our monthly event is designed to get us to laugh, sing a bit, learn something, and let our hair down.
Best of all, get to know other people like you from our area, because life is better when you have a community to share it with!
Don’t forget to join us at our post-event potluck! Bring a dish if you can! But don’t worry if you can’t! We’d love to see you there.
Free child care in the kids education room from 4:30pm. Our team of adult volunteers has created an awesome curriculum of readings and crafts to entertain your kid and help them think about the themes we also focus on in our Assembly service.

The Sunday Assembly is a celebration of the one life we know we have. We want Sunday Assembly to be a place of love and compassion, where, no matter what your situation, you are welcomed, accepted and loved. Most of all, have fun, be nice and join in.


December 10


05:00 pm - 06:30 pm

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Sunday Assembly Nashville

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East Recreation Center

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