march 13
february 13 Christopher Cameron Black Freethought from Slavery to Civil Rights
january 9 Andrew Seidel What Does Being An American Really Mean
december 12 all inside speakers Human Light celebration
november 14 Steven Phelps Secular Music ~ Songs for EveryNone
october 10 tom kunesh on decolonizing, native Elvis doing Hamlet, & the moral imperative of atheism
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august 8 Shawn Whitsell I’ve Got a Story to Tell
july 11 Don Thomason Expectations of Worth & Fulfillment from Work
june 13 Starla Carr Pride
may 16 Chrissy Stroop American Culture Wars in Global Context
april 11 Itto Outini Soul Survivor
march 14 Dan Barker The Battle of Church and State
february 14 Janice Selbie Sex: forbidden fruit makes the tastiest jam
january 10 Katherine Stewart the Power Worshippers: the dangerous rise of religious nationalism
december 13 [SA Int’l] [SA Int’l]
november 8 Anthony Magnabosco “Why We Think What We Think”
october 11 Maciej Buchowski COVID-19: Is laughter still the best medicine?
september 13 Claire Barnett Neurodiversity in a Neuronormative world
august 9 Brynda Quinn Awe: Not Just For Religion Anymore
july 12 Marisa Richmond Allies: what people with privilege can do to help the unprivileged
june 14 Abby Rubenfeld Tenacity as Career Choice
may 3 * Lynn Jobe Climate Change
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february 9 Daniel Sharfstein Civil Rights in Nashville history
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