Students age thirteen to high school seniors meet at 9:30am before monthly assemblies in the Fondren Hall upstairs meeting room. Here we come together to explore topics like how to be good without a god. The discussions are facilitated by local teachers and parents that are part of the Sunday Assembly Nashville community.

SA Kids

SA Kids meet at 9:30am before monthly assemblies in the childcare room upstairs in Fondren Hall. We develop activities based on the Sunday Assembly motto. The activities are best suited for children aged 9-12 years.

Live Better

We get to know the other kids in our SA community and learn about humanist heroes.

Help Often

We complete service projects or prepare an act of kindness to complete at home.

Good works in non-mysterious ways!

Wonder More

We perform experiments using the Scientific Method.


Children can join the assembly downstairs at 10am or attend childcare. We currently provide a combination of paid sitters and member volunteers to look after children during the assembly with a minimum of 3 caretakers. There are no age restrictions for children to attend, but we do ask that you provide a cell number when you check your child in. In the event the caretakers need to reach you during the assembly you will receive a text message.

To protect our children and volunteers we follow the "rule of three" - until your child is signed out we travel in groups of at least three unrelated individuals to the restroom, water fountain, etc. All paid sitters and volunteers have agreed to uphold Sunday Assembly Nashville's Kids Policy.


Camp Quest Smoky Mountains 

Kids Without God

Teens Without God

Parenting Beyond Belief

Secular Student Alliance


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